Fishing Videos

JustGoFishin Video Productions

The JustGoFishin video productions are featuring some great fishing excursions and catches. The following videos are productions made for the enjoyment of our viewers. To see all videos visit our YouTube Channel.


Dolphin at the Land Cut

Lamont Larson visiting from Colorado had a great time with his boys on a high adventure fishing trip to the land cut. Pulling in several speckled trout using live shrimp. Just a blast with his boys.

Trophy Trout caught at the Land Cut

You've got to take a look at this hog Bryan Weatherston caught at the land cut. She was 27 1/2 inches long and about 5 lbs. She was a terrific fight and largest speckled trout caught on our trips so far. Over all a great day of fishing catching several specks.

Over Sized Redfish Caught at Land Cut

Took the Weatherston boys out to the Land Cut for a fishing adventure. Travis caught our current boat record redfish measured at 28 1/2 inches long. Several fish were caught including speckled trout and sheepshead.


VX 30 Bloodhounds fishing Texas Land Cut

Commander James P Borghardt and his crew joined us after a special mission to photograph the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it entered Earth's atmosphere for the last time on June 1st, 2011. They capped off their mission with a relaxing day of fishing at the land cut. What a great day in catching several speckled trout using live shrimp. It was an honor to have them on our boat. 

Canadian's at the Texas Land Cut

John and Amanda Clarke from Ontario Canada joined us for a trip to the Land Cut. Little did they know that John would catch his biggest fish ever and Amanda would catch her first and biggest ever! Yep, John caught a nice black drum while Amanda caught several nice speckled trout.

Speckled Trout at the Land Cut

Took the Smith family out on a great fishin trip to the land cut and pulled in some nice speckled trout. Visitors from Mississippi and Nebraska they got there fill of the Texas Land Cut. Carter, 5 years old was the star of the day catching his biggest fish ever!

Texas Poor Man's Slam at the Land Cut

Ken Welsch and I went to the land cut for a terrific day of fishin. Ken caught some nice black drum and I was able to catch a poor mans Texas Slam. Yep, I caught a black drum, Speckled trout, Flounder and a sheepshead instead of the redfish. Anyway, great day on the water.

Land Cut Fishing

Great time fishing with Gary Nelson and Elder Terry Jones fishing at the Land cut. Gary caught a couple of nice black drum about 30 inches on live shrimp. Terry was pulled in a nice keeper black drum about 26 inches. The day was fantastic while we pulled in several black drum for the day. 

Land Cut Texas

Great trip to the land cut Texas with Richard Epstein . Started off on a Saturday morning when the waters were calm knowing that the winds would kick up later in the day. Richard started things off by catching a rat red, but soon we would have a fish on our line almost every cast. Not able to stay the whole day we had a great time filling up our box of fish with redfish and black drum. 

Redfish at the Land Cut

Manual Lara, Art Meru and I had a great trip to the Land Cut after getting hitting several fishing spots a long the way. Windy day made the other spots more difficult to fish. Land cut produced some nice catches for the day, see story on blog. Catches included 3 redfish, 2 black drum and 2 speckled trout.
Port Aransas 45 inch Bull Redfish
The Port Aransas Jetty has been on fire this fall with some nice bull redfish catches made. I was lucky enough to be at Port A when Mitch Gose caught this 45 inch bull redfish. Can you say Sweet! John Coggins was also caught on tape catching a nice 26 inch slot redfish for the dinner table.


Blackfish on the Long Island Sound

Visited our kids and grand kids in NY and took a day to go fishing with Captain Rich Tenreiro and 1st mate Natalie Roseberry on the Long Island Sound. Our goal of the day was to catch the illusive and tricky black fishing during the season opener. We had a lot of fun as we finally started pulling them in during the last part of the day.  At the end of the day we enjoyed an awesome meal!


Great Day on the Beach, Fishing the Surf

Enjoyed a great day at the beach fishing with Team OSO as they kicked off their redfish tournament. As you can see there are several nice catches made throughout this day including gaftop, speckled trout, slot redfish and jack cravell. Although, we did get the Texas Game Warden visit the group and a United States Coast Guard fly by. Great day with family, friends and puppies.


Port Aransas Jetty, Bull Redfish

Had a great visit to the Port A Jetty and was able to catch Cookie Villa land this 43 inch bull redfish using live mullet. In the video you can see that cookie is exhausted after fighting and landing this beast. Very nice catch and release of this bull redfish.